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You may be thinking, “Why use a real estate agent to buy a home when there are so many online resources available?”

The answer is simple. Whether you’ve purchased several homes before, or you are a first-time home buyer, the homebuying process can be complex,stressful, and may even lead to an unsuccessful outcome if you are not well-versed in all the components of a successful real estate transaction. Simply put, having an experienced agent on your team to handle each step of the buying or selling process makes for an easier, simpler and more successful transaction.

Unforeseen challenges often arise in real estate. Having a trusted real estate agent who represents you and your best interests provides that extra layer of protection during the homebuying process. Whether it is negotiating, writing an offer, scheduling inspections, or taking care of all the necessary legal paperwork, having the assistance of an experienced and knowledgeable real estate agent is a very powerful asset.

When you hire CW Realty to represent you as a home buyer, we fully invest ourselves in making your home buying experience easy and seamless. Whether you are purchasing a resale home or building your dream home, hiring CW Realty delivers many valuable benefits:

  • Team: You will have a designated agent working through all the details, paperwork, and negotiation to ensure the best possible outcome. Your CW Realty agent will streamline your home search, identify pros and cons, and direct your attention to important details that are often overlooked.
  • No Fees: Did you know that buyers do not pay any agent fees? That’s right! Buyer agent commissions are most often funded by the seller.
  • Goals: As agents, we have a fiduciary responsibility to protect your confidentiality and negotiate on your behalf to save you as much money and time as possible. Reaching your goals together is what drives our business!
  • Network: Our team of agents is well-networked with other local agents, allowing us to gather information not publicly displayed on standard home search websites.
  • StrategyWe provide guidance and help you determine the best offer strategy.
  • CommunicationOnce your offer is accepted and under contract, our agents handle scheduling all the necessary inspections and appointments to ensure thorough due diligence before the deadline. We continue to communicate with all parties involved throughout the process, and we review all the inspection reports with you to develop a list of repair or compensation requestsCW Realty agents take great pride in their successful negotiations of these requests. 

We would love to connect with you and hear about your real estate goals! Contact us today and let’s get moving!

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