Windtrek Ventures LLC was created as an urban renewal investment group focusing primarily on the restoration of prime housing areas near downtown Raleigh, North Carolina. Windtrek Ventures LLC is a family-owned and family-run business seeking opportunities to both rebuild and restore homes that offer modern appeal in older, established neighborhoods. Our mission is to offer exceptional-quality modern housing options in high-appeal areas throughout downtown Raleigh and surrounding areas. We carry a diverse portfolio of real estate ventures and partner with CW Realty exclusively for our real estate transactions.  CW Realty is primarily responsible for property acquisition, listing, and selling, and we believe this symbiotic relationship is a perfect synergy.  We are always looking for opportunities both residential and commercial as well as real estate financing opportunities.

Bella View Photography was established in 2012 to provide professional and affordable digital photography services in the Triangle area of North Carolina. Each photoshoot is tailored to meet the needs of the client and high-quality digital images are sent in a timely manner after the conclusion of each session. Bella View Photography is currently primarily focusing on real estate and family photography but has a varied portfolio illustrating a much wider array of experiences. Beyond the exceptional cost value, Bella View Photography provides, the attention to detail and perfection are what helps us stand out among the competition. In 2018, Bella View Photography began a partnership with CW Realty and has shared great success in getting real estate listings under contract very quickly. To learn more, please visit

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